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We specialize in a variety of different types of coverage, from liability to homeowners to auto. Our friendly staff will help you find the best rates on policy options tailored to your needs.

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Here's some common coverage types we can help with:

General Liability

General Liability Insurance protects you against bodily injury and property damage claims. It is frequently sold as part of a bundle with Property Insurance. This insurance is designed to safeguard your company from incidents that occur on your premises or at any other protected location. 

Workers Compensation

Workers' Compensation Insurance will come in handy if a person is hurt on the job and requires medical attention. This plan will also cover missed income and services that assist an individual in regaining employment.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

BOP is a small-to-medium-sized business insurance plan that combines aspects of General Liability and Commercial Property. A Business Owners' Policy plan may incorporate parts of Crime Insurance and EPLI, depending on the insurer.

Professional Liability

This insurance is ideal for companies who provide guidance to their customers. Professional Liability Insurance protects a company from being held accountable if an error or omission results in a financial loss for a customer.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Liability is a good option for businesses that want greater liability coverage than their General Liability, Employer's Liability, or Auto Liability policies provide. Umbrella insurance can be acquired separately or in conjunction with a General Liability policy.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

EPLI is a type of liability insurance that covers things like wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation, among other things. Other employee-related claims, such as denial of a promotion, slander, invasion of privacy, failure to promote, and improper evaluation, may be covered by this insurance.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Fiduciary Liability insurance protects employers from mistakes made in the administration and distribution of employee benefits. This includes 401(k) or pension plans, health insurance, and stock options, among other things.

Inland Marine

This insurance covers products in transit on land, as well as other people's property on your property or being transported away from it. If your company ships goods across land, you'll need an inland marine policy.

Special Events

If you're planning a special event, this insurance can offer you with coverage. Special Events Insurance protects you from personal injury and property damage claims, as well as any contractors you hire.

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice coverage is a type of liability insurance that protects doctors and other licensed medical practitioners from the financial and legal consequences of wrongful practices that result in medical expenses, property damage, bodily harm, and legal fees related to patient claims.

Business Interruption

Business Interruption Insurance compensates you for missed revenue if your firm is forced to relocate due to a disaster, such as a fire. This coverage also covers ongoing running expenses, such as energy, that are billed even if your firm is closed.

Garage Liability

Business Garage Insurance protects small enterprises in the auto trade industry against a multitude of hazards, such as injuries, blunders, and property damage.


This sort of insurance aids in the coverage of losses caused by criminal acts such as robbery, burglary, and other types of theft. Many organizations opt for Crime Insurance coverage that allow them to file claims for internal theft and other infractions that could result in financial hardship.

Surety Bond

If the principal fails to meet an obligation imposed by the obligee, the surety promises to pay the obligee an agreed-upon amount. The principal is liable for losses if they fail to meet their obligations under this bond.

Fidelity Bond

A fidelity bond is a type of insurance that protects a company from financial damages incurred as a result of fraudulent or dishonest activities committed by its personnel. If your company collects personal or financial information from clients, this is a must-have. If your employees engage in acts such as embezzlement, identity theft, or other fraudulent or dishonest activities, this bond will protect you.

Commercial Property

This sort of insurance safeguards the physical assets of your company, such as its physical location and computers. It makes no difference whether you work from home or rent office space. Every firm can benefit from commercial building and/or property insurance. 

Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto Insurance, like your private auto policy, covers liability, collision, and medical costs in the event of an accident involving your commercial vehicle.

Errors & Omissions (E&O)

This insurance protects a company in the event that a mistake is made while providing professional services. If your organization delivers advise or provides contractual services, you may require this insurance. Your General Liability policy will not provide you with this degree of protection.

Directors & Officers (D&O)

Customers, competitors, suppliers, and government agencies can all file lawsuits against a privately held company's directors and executives. The majority of lawsuits filed against directors and officers are brought by the company's own employees. Directors and Officers Insurance protects your management team in the event that something goes wrong. D&O is frequently combined with EPLI.

Cyber Liability

This insurance protects a business in the case of a data breach that exposes sensitive client information. These plans provide coverage for expenditures such as notification, credit monitoring, fines and penalties, legal fees, and loss caused by identity theft.

Product Liability

This insurance protects a company if one of its goods needs to be recalled. Product Recall Insurance will pay the costs of returning a defective product to the manufacturer or merchandiser, who will be held liable for any bodily injury or property damage caused by the product's existence.

Liquor Liability

Any establishment that sells or serves alcoholic beverages could be held accountable for any damages or injuries caused by an overserved customer. This can include injuries sustained as a result of conflicts, irresponsible behavior, or car accidents. These policies are sometimes sold as part of a package with a General Liability policy, but they are most commonly acquired separately.

Ocean Marine

Cargo, vessels, and other goods being moved by water are covered by this insurance. This sort of insurance covers both the vessel owner and the cargo owner.

Hired & Non-Owned Auto

This insurance is required if your firm hires automobiles or allows employees to borrow company vehicles for business activities. If something goes wrong on the job, it will cover claims for personal injury and property damage.

Equipment Breakdown

Motor burnout, power surges, boiler malfunction, and operator mistake are all covered under this policy. Equipment Breakdown insurance covers the cost of replacing or repairing broken equipment, as well as any additional expenses incurred as a result of the damage.

Pollution Liability

This specific insurance policy protects pollution-related responsibility. Cleanup costs may also be covered by an Environmental Impairment policy.

Employee Benefits Liability

This plan protects an employer in the case of an employee filing a claim for benefits plan errors or omissions. Failure to notify an employee of benefits to which they are entitled, failure to enroll an employee, and delivering inaccurate benefit advice are all examples of errors and omissions covered by this plan.

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